When we speak about global leadership, we speak from experience.

We develop and deliver learning solutions for clients in twenty-eight countries around the world. Through workshops, coaching and other interventions, we help your managers develop the self-awareness, flexibility and intercultural competency they need to lead successfully in an international environment.

We design and deliver workshops to develop integrated global leadership and management skills.

We provide team and organization development services, such as leadership retreats, strategic development and team-building.

We offer executive coaching for individuals and teams.

Eight Tips for Working More Effectively Across Borders

Whether you live and work outside your own country, spend much of your time traveling on business or rarely leave your desk in your job, chances are you often find yourself interacting with people from cultural backgrounds different from your own. And this will only become more the case in the years to come. Here are eight tips to help you work more effectively with colleagues and business partners from other cultural backgrounds:   >>

Developing More Effective Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are increasingly the glue that joins the widespread operations of large global corporations. Frequently multicultural teams are also dispersed (based in different locations). Compared to traditional teams composed of members of similar cultural background located in one place, these teams offer the possibility of greater achievement - along with increased risk of dysfunctional performance. At their best, multicultural teams outperform traditional teams in the areas of innovation, understanding diverse markets, meeting customer needs and aligning diverse organizational interests. When things go sour, however, multicultural teams can become expensive, unproductive hotbeds of frustration and low morale.   >>

Choosing an Executive Coach

Once reserved for only the most senior managers, executive coaches are increasingly available to managers at all levels to support professional growth and performance improvement. With demand growing, the number of professional coaches in the marketplace is expanding rapidly. The spectrum of experience and qualifications is an extremely broad one.   >>