Team and Organization Development

We help teams and organizations to prepare for and navigate the challenges of working together across cultural and individual differences. We design and conduct team development sessions to get newly formed teams off to a strong start as well as to assist mature teams to take their performance to the next level. We work with teams at all levels to ensure that cultural differences enhance rather than diminish team performance. Recent examples include:

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Developing More Effective Multicultural Teams

I think it's essential that those of us who make a career of assisting others to learn and grow periodically put ourselves fully in the position of the learner; having our own certainties challenged, stretching our own limits, taking the risk of doing or saying something that may later feel embarrassing or look stupid. After all, it's what we ask others to do every day. And it helps us to retain a sense of humility and to appreciate the complex challenges that business leaders face every day.
Craig Collins