Managing Across Cultures

Influencing Across Borders in the Era of Global Business

A generation back, the ability to work effectively across cultures was a specialist competency required by a relatively small number of people working in "international" jobs. Globalization has made this ability a core competency for every manager if your organization is to remain competitive at the international level.

This workshop will help you to manage more effectively across cultural boundaries. The primary focus is on the fundamental skills and attitudes which are necessary for success in any intercultural interaction.

You also learn to take account of differences in organizational culture and individual personalities in others to build strong international working relationships.

Who Should Attend?

Managers as well as non-managerial staff who regularly deal with individuals, groups or organizations whose cultural norms and values are different from their own. Optimal group size is 12-20 participants.

Workshop Objectives

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will:

Workshop Details

Duration:   Three days. A modified version of the workshop can be delivered in two days. Appropriate portions of the course can also be incorporated into more extensive development programmes.

Learning methodologies:   Case studies, simulations, roleplays, exercises, videos, questionnaires and a variety of other experiential activities. Participants are encouraged to focus during the workshop on specific international working relationships which they would like to improve.

Workshop Content

How Cultural Forces Affect the Manager's Job

Improving Your Intercultural Effectiveness

Communicating Across Cultures

The Cultures of Organizations

Individual Differences Within Cultures

International Project Teams and Task Forces

We don't do business with cultures; we do business with people operating in the context of their cultures.
Craig Collins