The New Global Leader

Stretching Boundaries Across Borders

As leaders move into the international arena, they enter a world of unique and novel challenges. Previous experience provides few answers to the new leadership challenges of the international arena.

As CEO of ABB, Percy Barnevik maintained that effective international leaders "respect how different countries do things, and they have the imagination to appreciate why they do things that way. But they are also incisive, they push the limits of the culture. They sort through the debris of cultural excuses and find opportunities to innovate."

This workshop focuses on a conceptual Framework and practical skills for international leadership. Participants will learn to avoid cultural pitfalls that undermine the efforts of even the most talented leaders without letting cultural differences become an excuse for underperformance.

Who Should Attend?

Optimal group size is 12-16 participants.

Workshop Objectives

By attending this highly interactive workshop, participants will:

Workshop Duration

Three days.

Workshop Content

Leadership Is More Than Management

The Foundations of Effective Leadership

Leading in the International Arena

Setting the Direction

Achieving Alignment

Managing Change

Maintaining Energy

Motivating and Inspiring

Creating Your Leadership Legacy

Final Session

Our basic premise is this: Corporations today need to look at the world on a global basis and develop products and strategies that work across borders, so today's corporate leaders need to develop business and leadership characteristics that are effective outside of their own national boundaries.
Stewart Black, Allen Morrison and Hal Gregersen in Global Explorers: The Next Generation of Leaders