Developmental Coaching for Leaders

Highly respected corporate leaders such as Jack Welch of General Electric and Roger Enrico of Pepsico spent a high proportion of their time and energy developing the next generation of leaders. For them, this is a highly personal activity requiring extensive one-on-one interaction. The most powerful form of leadership development takes place not in the classroom but from leaders developing other leaders.

This workshop provides a solid framework for effective leadership coaching. Your current concept of developing leadership skills in your team will be challenged and expanded, and you will find ample opportunity to practise and consolidate new knowledge and skills.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all levels who are responsible for developing others. Optimal group size is 6-9 participants (one facilitator) or up to 18 participants (two facilitators).

Workshop Objectives

By attending this highly interactive workshop, participants will:

Workshop Duration

Three days with about seven contact hours daily. Because of the intensive nature of the workshop, we recommend holding the workshop on a residential basis if possible to facilitate the use of evenings for individual reflection and preparation.

Workshop Content

What is Leadership Coaching?

The Coaching Relationship

Initial Exploration of the Issues

Assessment and Deeper Understanding

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Development

Contracting for Desired Outcomes

Exploring and Designing Options

Giving Value-Adding Feedback

Practical Applications for Leadership Coaching

Handling Special Coaching Challenges

Integrating and Applying New Learning


One must produce meaning from one's own experiences before one can offer meaning to others.
Craig Collins