Building a Winning Team

When asked to name the "best" team to which they have ever belonged, few employees choose a team from their professional experience. About four out of five respond with answers outside the working environment, such as sports teams and special interest groups.

The fact is that real teamwork is still too rare in business organizations, and many employees reserve their passion, energy and commitment for areas other than their work. This represents a tremendous loss not just for companies but for individuals as well. Companies lose access to the drive, creativity and energy which is so much a part of high-performing teams. But individuals also lose: They must look elsewhere for an outlet to give their best talents and to gain the sense of belonging and meaning that comes with membership in a high-performing team.

This workshop provides current and future team leaders with insights and skills to face the challenge of transforming a group of individual employees into a winning team. Participants learn to observe and understand the dynamics of team behaviour. They learn to develop and implement a strategy for leading their team through the stages of team formation towards the ultimate goal of top performance.

Who Should Attend?

Team leaders and those who are preparing team leadership responsibilities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will:

Workshop Details

Course duration:   Three to four days.

Number of participants:   Eight to twenty-four.

Workshop Content

How Successful Teams Grow and Perform

Establishing a High-Performing Team Culture

The Role of Communication in Successful Teams

Using Individual Differences to Create Team Synergy

Managing Team Conflict

Group Problem-Solving

Leading and Motivating the Team To Peak Performance

Action Planning